Episode #9 – Staying in Taiwan

Blog PostsEpisode #9 – Staying in Taiwan

Episode #9 – Staying in Taiwan

You’ve been living in Taiwan and love the culture, food and everything that it has to offer. So an important question arises: How do I go about staying in Taiwan? In Taiwan, you have 90 days upon landing with your passport to figure this out. It can be a nerve-wracking, intimidating situation/process that we all have to face if we want to stay on this beautiful island. There are various ways to satisfy this requirement and we have to be mindful/aware of how to do it otherwise complications and/or problems may arise.

In this podcast, we discuss how to stay in Taiwan: the ways to do it, how easy/difficult it is, and how each of us are currently able to do so. So please bring your passport, documents, and some money as we explore the different options on how to stay in Taiwan.

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