COVID-19 Taiwan Update

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COVID-19 Taiwan Update

It’s quite interesting how things can change so dramatically within the span of just a few weeks. In Season 1, we did a podcast which detailed what it was like to live in Taiwan during what can be deemed the COVID-19 Era. We had talked about how the Taiwan government implemented certain procedures quickly and was able to minimize the spread in Taiwan compared to the rest of the world. Unfortunately things have gotten worse here lately and we are now at Level 3 with nearly 15,000 cases and over 500 deaths.

EggBanana is back with Season 2 to bring you an updated status on the current situation in Taiwan. In this episode, we talk about how it has affected each of us and what our thoughts and hopes are for the future.

So please put on your surgical mask, and bring your hand sanitizer, as we’re about to take a deep dive into a topic that has affected so many of us around the globe.

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